What if my internet goes down? Will Minnow Talk still work?

Minnow Talk is a cloud-based phone system and requires internet access. If your device is reliant on a Wi-Fi or wired internet connection that becomes disconnected from the internet, you will not be able to use Minnow Talk on that device.

However, if you are using Minnow Talk on a device that uses mobile data or is connected to a wired or wireless network that uses mobile data, you will be able to use Minnow Talk on that device given data availability

Minnow Talk also offers back internet service at the cost of $200 per month with the rental or purchase of the Minnow Net Continuous Internet Service (CIS) Appliance. This is separate from your regular internet provider and uses cellular networks to provide you with the continuous internet connection. With Minnow Net’s CIS Appliance, should your regular internet connection fail, you will still have internet access and your phone lines. Please contact us at info@minnowtalk.com or 1-800-397-7054

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