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Minnow Talk is compatible with Windows, Linux, and Macintosh and has an app for Android and iOS so desk phones are not a requirement.  However, if you’d like a desk phone,  you can opt to purchase a compatible phone from our online store. 

Download and install the Minnow Talk software

Minnow Talk can run off your computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone so you can get started right away by adding your extension. Once you’ve received your desk phones, plug them in and begin using them. If you run into any issues, you can request help by contacting us.

Start Communicating

Minnow Talk is ready to go out of the box, or file as it were. Once you’ve got Minnow Talk installed, you can start calling, IM-ing, faxing, and more immediately.


Cloud-based, not phone-based

Because Minnow Talk is cloud-based, the common issues that occur with traditional, telephone line, VoIP systems are rarities. Minnow Talk is highly reliable, portable, economical, and has a higher call quality compared to traditional VoIP systems.

Keeps business business

With Minnow Talk, your work phone number stays the same regardless of what device you use or location you call from. With the Minnow Talk App, you can stay connected and access your work contacts from almost anywhere. When there’s a work emergency, you can reach out to your coworkers or clients without sharing your private phone number.

Truly Unified

All your business communication needs are encompassed in Minnow Talk. You can eFax, IM, share files, make video and phone calls, conference, and more all from your computer. Plus, Minnow Talk preserves your conversation history so you can pick up conversations where you left off.

Minnow Talk can be synced with your Outlook or Google account(s) to ensure that you have the contact information you need when you need it.

Grows as you grow

With Minnow Talk you can control how many lines you have based on your individual business’ needs. When you need extra hands, you can easily add more lines, and when you want to scale things back, simply drop the lines you don’t need. It’s your choice. You will never have to pay for more lines than you need, but you will also never have the lines available to you capped.


Minnow Talk has a pay-per-user model. This means that you pay for what you use and no more. For most companies, this results in significant cost savings because they no longer have to pay for phone lines they don’t use. Additionally, you can control how much you spend each month: the times you need more lines, you have them but don’t have to pay for them after you’ve stopped using them. Just let us know through the portal that you’re dropping the lines and you won’t be charged

Take your office with you

As long as you have internet access, Minnow Talk is available to you on your smart phone or laptop. Physical location is no longer a limiting factor when it comes to communicating for work. You can be at home, in a coffee shop, or on the road and still take care of your work.

The mobility of Minnow Talk opens new doors for remote and multi-location workers for businesses and their staff.


Got questions? We’ve got answers. If you have some other questions, feel free to send us an email to

Can I cancel and is there a cancellation fee?

Yes! You can cancel any time. Our services are monthly and contract free. Although you do have an option to p

How long will it take for my phones to arrive?

We normally ship FedEx Ground from our warehouses which are spread across the Continental US, but you do have

How do I setup my Minnow Talk system on my device?

Click here for videos on how to get Minnow Talk setup in your devices. We support Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS an

How many people can I have on Minnow Talk?

You can have an unlimited number of people on Minnow Talk! Click here for details on our pricing.

Do you offer non-profit pricing?

Yes, please contact us directly at 1-800-397-7054

What if my internet goes down? Will Minnow Talk still work?

Minnow Talk is a cloud-based phone system and requires internet access. If your device is reliant on a Wi-Fi

Can I make international calls?

Yes, you can! Please click here for a list of our international rates.

We already have VoIP phones, do we need to purchase new ones?

Minnow Talk supports phone models listed here. If you already own VoIP phones that are supported by Minnow th

How do I find the model of my VoIP phone?

If you turn the phone over, there should be a label that lists the manufacturer or model number. You can also

Can Minnow Talk be integrated with my current phone system?

This is very heavily dependent on your current system version and the way it was configured. Please give us a

Does Minnow Talk work with outlook, google, etc.?

Yes! Minnow Talk integrates with your MS Outlook and Google accounts. In order to sync them go to Settings>

Can I share my desktop with someone on minnow talk?

Currently, you cannot share your desktop on Minnow Talk but the feature is coming soon. Stay tuned!

How long will it be before I can use Minnow Talk after signing up?

Minnow Talk is available for use immediately after installation and configuration. If you have ordered phones

What if I need help with Minnow Talk?

To speak to a technician please use the messenger on Minnow Talks site or the Support messenger on your Minno

Can I call 9-1-1 from Minnow Talk?

Yes, you can. Please note that there is an E9-1-1 tax and that your location must be made available for 9-1-1

What phone number will people see when I call from Minnow talk?

When you call from Minnow Talk, people will see the number you registered Minnow Talk with regardless of the

Will I be able to answer work calls from my cell phone?

Yes, given that you registered your work number with Minnow Talk and you have the Minnow Talk app installed o

Does the Minnow Talk app use data or cellular service?

Minnow Talk is a cloud-based system that runs on the internet, therefore, it requires mobile data, wired, or

How do I change the video quality?

Open Preferences by either selecting the gear icon on the top right of your desktop application or by going t

Why are there so many people in my contacts? What’s the difference between contacts and directory?

Your contacts are all the contacts that are saved to your linked account. For example, if you&rsquo

How do I return my phones?

To return your phones, you may either return them to your reseller or  directly to Minnow talk

I didn’t want a desk phone before but now I do. Can I still purchase them?

Yes, you can! Click here to purchase phones from Minnow Talk’s online store


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